Ahmed Bahgat

Ahmed Bahgat

Executive Director

Bahgat graduated from law school and worked in Mohamoon.net, a digital international legal platform. He started as a Data Entry Associate, but soon the technology on which the platform was built captured his interest and it was the first step in changing his career path. He quickly became the platform administrator, the rest was history.

In 2006 Bahagat left his position as the software development team lead and deputy manager of the Cairo office in Mohamooon.net, to start his own organization.

Bahgat co-founded the Support of Information Technology Center (SITC), with a vision of promoting access to knowledge and information in Egypt. Besides his role as the Executive Director of the organization, he worked closely with the techies' team, from needs assessment to solution design, to implementation and training. One of the things that always fascinated him was to adapt business management concepts and tools to the non-profit needs. He got interested in how information flows intra-organization, the tools non-profit organizations use for management and project management, which encouraged him to design training curricula and workshops around project planning and management, and organization management for this sector.


This led Bahgat to join the trainers' team of the Development Support Center (DSC), an organization that specialized in capacity building for NGOs. In addition to DSC training packages on strategic planning, campaign planning, and training of trainers; Bahgat introduced additional training packages focusing on information technology and project management.