About Motoon


In Motoon, we believe that technology is not just a tool, but a space of possibilities. In many cases, it is an opportunity to reconsider what is taken for granted. Motoon was born out of this context, to enable people with technology, whether through services, consultancies or training.


Our vision

Nurturing a free, enabled, connected and gender conscious tech community that empowers and supports social development and well being.


Our mission

Enabling, empowering and connecting techies through hubs and activities where ideas meet and evolve to become a reality


Providing technology solutions to small and medium enterprises, including social enterprises as well as groups working on development, to unleash their potential and fulfill their missions


Facilitating partnership and alliances between techies and local, regional and international communities that share our values


Engaging with policies affecting the technology environment and connecting with techies locally, regionally and internationally in order to better understand these policies and formulate pertinent responses


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Team Members

Executive Director
Co-founder & Program Development Officer
ICT Officer
Projects Coordinator

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