Arabic Feminist Library


The library’s platform is an online central, and forever free, gateway to feminist knowledge and resources that were produced in Arabic by Civil society entities.


Motoon was established and launched its activities in 2013. The idea of the Feminist library emerged in 2020, we were clear from the beginning of not presenting it as a new feminist organization. Instead, our aim is to gather, archive, and document written feminist literature and digitize it to make it available and searchable. We proactively selected specific organizations and groups that have a history of producing publications and collected their work. Afterward, we classified and categorized the documents and developed keywords to facilitate accessibility for users. The first phase of the implementation process began in mid-2022. Thus far, we have digitized nearly four million searchable words.


During the process of digitizing the resources, we designed the library’s platform so that it may become a primary platform for anyone seeking information that is written in Arabic and focuses on broad aspects of feminist matters.