Tech Stack

Tech Stack is an informal educational program that provides training on a variety of tech subjects, while being accessible to people with different educational backgrounds, with nominal fees.

Tech Stack Mission is to help the trainees become ready to join the tech market, and recommends the outstanding graduates to potential employers and civil society organizations in our network.

One of Motoon’s key interventions since it opened its doors surrounds learning. Through open events, one-time workshops and a concerted web school, Motoon has targeted civil society workers and techies using its diverse learning offerings.

Organized around a set of different modules, for which curricula were developed, the web school is the brainchild of Motoon’s seed community of programmers, developers, system administrators, and web designers. The web school’s model success inspired replicating it around other issues in order to sustain a form of in-depth learning around tech-related questions, thus giving birth to the Tech Stack program.


Tech Stack Spring Semester 2019 Tracks


Linux System Admin Beginner Track

Linux System Admin Intermediate Track

Basic HTML/CSS Track

Web Development Beginner Track